Monday, August 26, 2013

Latest and Greatest Applicant Tracking Systems

The best applicant tracking systems!


There are a lot of Applicant Tracking Systems on the market today, as well as many human resource management tools that do certain things very well, but none do it all like Great Hiring Practice’s online talent relationship management solution. This company hassimply taken all the best functionality of the top applicant tracking systems andcombined them with the latest and greatest technologies of the marketing CRM world, creating a tool that truly automates all the time consuming, non-selection, processes for recruiters.

Great Hiring Practice’s Recruiting TRM system has literally allowed me to spend 40+ hours of my 50 hour work week talking to and interviewing applicants. It’s simply amazing.

So how can one recruiter hire better candidates and outperform a team of ten recruiters?

One.                   By focusing 90% of their efforts on the human interactive screening.

Two.                  By using an applicant tracking system that is simple to use, as well as can get selected candidates scheduled with simply one mouse click.

Three.        By utilizing recruiting software that eliminates all paperwork and reporting requirements.

Four.             By only needing to check their email for non-recruiting purposes.

Five.                 By having a recruitment tools that automate the regular mundane functions that are repeated numerous times per day.

Six.                      By making it so easy for interviewing managers to schedule all their own interviews. So simple, a hiring manager could schedule a hundred or more interviews in less than five minutes and then be able to report and score each interview in less than a minute.

Seven.        By using talent selection profiling tools that make them more efficient at screening and selecting quality applicants for high volume positions.

Eight.           By using a system that steam-lines the final decision making process for all parties involved.

If you’re recruiting forhigh demand, high turn positions like in the sales, call center, retail andhealthcare sectors like me, you have to check these guys out. They will instantly save your company a fortune, as well as improve the bottom line by hiring better talent faster. 


  1. Latest and Greatest Applicant Tracking Systems

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